Fuzz launches Blip, Twitter for Music!

Fuzz launches Music Twitter Blip!

Fuzz, a music portal/social networking site, has launched Blip, basically a Twitter-clone for Music lovers.

The most outstanding feature is that when people “blip” instead of “twitt”, they can link an MP3 song straight from the Fuzz database. This feature is really cool as I am actually listening to an MP3 “blipped” by one of Blip users.

Great stuff, although I am not an avid Twitter, I will be an avid Blipper as now I can hop from song to song.

But if music is indeed a significant part of Pownce’s future, then Blip is one step ahead. Call it “Twitter for Music” since it’s essentially just that: a way to suggest music and share your thoughts about it with a network of contacts.

The beauty of Blip is that, unlike with Pownce, no file uploads are necessary. Just search for the song you have in mind and Blip will grab it from Seeqpod, Skreemr, or parent company Fuzz’s own database of music. Your followers (”listeners”) can hear full versions of the songs you post using a Songza-like player at the bottom of the page.

via techcrunch

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  1. Radionomy Launches - Re-mix your own house music! — The Zedomax Network - Profiling Web 2.0 Companies at the Speed of Technology and Tools for Bloggers. Says:

    [...] the launch of Blip couple days ago, a Twitter for [...]

  2. guslaban Says:

    Blip MP3, waht a good idea, thanks pal

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