Kirix Strata is a “Killer Data Browser” – Database Management at your Fingertips!

Kirix Strata brings MySQL management to your Desktop!

Kirix, one of the companies I interviewed at the Web2.0 Expo 2008, provides a desktop MySQL database management software called Strata.

The Strata is basically built on the gecko browser platform, the same open-source platform that powers Firefox.

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As you can see in the video interview, Kirix Strata lets users view, organize, and manipulate data tables with desktop speeds and ease.

Although you could make a similar webapp, it wouldn’t perform as fast since you’d have to constantly connect to a web server.

Kirix Strata solves all that, and as a programmer myself, I am impressed at how quickly you can manipulate data. (If you watch the end of the video, you will see how quickly Strata can bring is RSS feeds to a MySQL table)

Now, there’s a LOT of applications that the Strata could be used for such as organizing your web database without coding, importing your database to your desktop, manipulating the database at desktop PC speed, and tons more.

This application is really geared towards those web programmers but if you are able to get the drift, this app is amazing and seems to have a bright future.

Here’s another video better explaining the features:

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Kirix™ Strata™ is a “data browser” — a fusion of a web browser and a built-in relational database. Strata brings the sensibilities and simplicity of a web browser to the world of tabular data, making it easy to access, view and use data from any source.

Strata serves as a bridge between local data files, database management systems and data on the web. You can access data from local sources and across the web, mash it together, and quickly work with it to gain new insights or create ad hoc reports to share with others.

Strata makes it possible to manipulate and analyze data in a rapid-fire, interactive manner. You can cut out a number of steps for common data-related tasks and dramatically reduce the time it takes to get the results you want. For instance, with Strata, you can:

You can download Kirix Strata and try it for 30 days here.

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