Google + Drunk = Goodrunk Launched!

Google + Drunk = Goodrunk Launched!

Goodrunk, a search engine based on Google custom search API, was launched minutes ago.  Basically, it give you the “alcoholic” influence to your next Google search.

I typed, “cars” on Goodrunk and got lots of interesting searches.   It might come in handy when I need to find a “beer” influenced site when trying to find some sites for blogging.

Lol, I found this great site that uses Google API to bring alcoholic influence to your next Google search.

I typed, “San Francisco” on Goodrunk, and San Francisco Beer Guide came up first on results! Yey, finally a drunken google search baby!

I will be using this search engine from now on and maybe even add it to SiteHoppin Toolbar.

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One Response to “Google + Drunk = Goodrunk Launched!”

  1. Fiber Says:

    well that is a great know….
    But can you please tell me what does alcoholic influence to your next Google search actually means…

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