Why the WiMax Deal will be Successful

In a recent article by Erick Schonfeld over at TechCrunch about WiMax, I read the article and do agree with some of the points such as Clearwire being not a good company, but I don’t think WiMax deal will be a disaster.


WiMax is the only available wireless broadband technology that has proven it’s versatility and speed over the current outdated 3G technology in the U.S.

WiMax is as fast as Cable DSL with download speeds up to 6Mbps.

In Korea, they call WiMax, WiBro. Internationally, it’s called mobile WiMax.

WiMax is an IEEE approved standard, IEEE 802.16.

As soon as WiMax hits Sprint networks, everyone will be going bonkers over the high speeds of being able to do more things such as watch movies on the cellphone, and use Skype to call instead of using up your minutes.

It will be like the iPhone buzz, except people will crave over the high data speeds.

People in Korea and other parts of Asia have been getting this for last 2 to 3 years!!!

Why am I so persistent about this topic?
I am just bitter because my blackberry internet is slow…AND I live in metro-area, San Francisco, the fastest speed possible.
I should be able to blog on my phone. Even with my blackberry with Opera browser installed, it takes me 20 minutes to write a blog post that would normally take me a minute on my PC.
With WiMax, I should be able to blog in about 3-5 minutes since I don’t have to wait for websites to load.
Even if I am not blogging, everything should work 5-10 times faster. Heck, I did outline some of the points why U.S. telecommunications company will lose billions of dollar by selling new technology. It’s always been that way. Large companies in the U.S. will do anything to sell off their inventory of outdated technology before introducing new ones.
In all, I guess Clearwire is clearly not a company that’d do well for this Sprint WiMax deal but the point is that consumers need faster internet yesterday!
As a consumer, I’d pay $100/month for WiMax if it was available today. Let’s worry about the politics later and get that WiMax available.

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