Twitter Blacklisting Spammers Openly

Twitter, a popular micro-blogging service, is working on blacklisting spammers. Well, they have been blacklisting spammers before but now I guess they are just more open about it.

What does this do for you?

Nothing, just twitt along and hope that the Twitter team will figure it out soon or later.

I don’t use twitter so often anymore due to the number of spam on my twitter. I hope this new blacklisting feature works out so I can use it more often.

There’s also an unofficial twitter blacklist made by someone…

Here’s an excert from the Twitter people:

Before today, Twitter would mark accounts as “spam”, but not tell the owners of the accounts they marked them as spam. Those owners of the accounts could follow others, but no one was able to follow them, and there was no way for the owners of those accounts to know they had been blacklisted.

We’ve been considering this issue here at Twitter HQ, and we’re planning on simply removing the accounts of users who have violated our Terms of Service, as opposed to freezing their account as we’ve done in the past.

To this I say, “wow, you guys ARE slow!”, simply because I have seen twitterpam about a year ago before it got popular among the top bloggers.

via techcrunch

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