Domize, the fastest domain search tool in the world!

Domize, the fastest domain search tool in the world!

Domize, is a domain search tool that searches as you type using AJAX technology. (what I presume)

Basically, when you type “”, it will search for the available domain names in real-time including,,,, you get the idea.

I might have some good uses for this as sometimes I need that fast response.

Great job guys on the site.

Domize, the fastest domain search tool in the world!2

As you type in the search box, Domize automatically starts showing the availability of dot coms, dot nets, and dot orgs. Red indicates it’s taken, blue indicates it’s available. Click the blue and Domize links you to GoDaddy to purchase the name (Domize presumably makes affiliate revenue if you complete the buy). Mouse-over the red for domain names that are taken and you’ll get a preview of the site, which allows you to see if it’s developed, or one that has nothing on it and is likely owned by a domain squatter that might be willing to sell you the name.

via Mashable

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4 Responses to “Domize, the fastest domain search tool in the world!”

  1. Vaibhav Says:

    Well, it is pretty fast, but there are some out there which offer even more features. Check out:

  2. Max Lee Says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for stoppin’ by Vaibhav.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Yeah, there are a number of them. My mom and I have been playing with this one and like it a lot:

    Whatever works! =)

  4. Muthu Says:

    its good.i found one website that website webuy the domain names and register domain names.

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