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A German publisher, Bertelsmann, is going to be printing a book that will largely consist of articles from Wikipedia.

What about the writers and references used in Wikipedia? Do they get paid?

This book and any other future books using Wikipedia as main source of content will have to face a large number of lawsuits for all I can tell right now.

A major German publisher, Bertelsmann, has announced plans to print a book called “The One-Volume Wikipedia Encyclopedia,” which goes on sale this September for 19.95 euros (around $32 U.S.). The book will feature some of the year’s most popular articles. Says Dr. Varnhorn, the editor in charge of Bertelsmann’s reference works, in a recent NY Times article, “We think of it as an online encyclopedic yearbook.” A statement that foreshadows the possibility of this book becoming the first of many annually printed editions.

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