Quantity still rules in Blogging World

Remember my last post about Quality vs. Quantity?

Well, after doing some testing with most of my blogs, it’s clear now that content isn’t everything.  Quantity can bring you stability of a blog’s growth while Quality can bring you a high number of niche readers.

Why do you ask?

Because content is great, only if you can couple that with great internet marketing.

You can compare to real life business.

For example, you have the greatest product in the world but no one knows about you and you end up selling very few.

It’s the same thing in the blogging world. I know many great bloggers with the highest quality content, yet their traffic, PageRank, and readership never grows over time because they don’t market themselves.

The best way for someone who is not already famous is to blog a LOT. I don’t mean to create splogs but do create original content but you must blog a LOT.

How much is blogging a lot?

Well, if you want to be serious about making money blogging or getting ahead of competition, you have to at least blog as much as your competition. You look at the Top 100 blogs in the world, they all blog no less than 24 posts per day, 1 per hour. I personally do find 1 per hour is most optimal.

If you are not John Chow and you do not already have 20K RSS readership nor 6K unique visitors per day, there is no way you will ever grow in traffic and SEO unless you start blogging like crazy.

Of course, there are always exceptions.  If you are already famous, you are a total expert on your topic, or you simply know “internet marketing”.  If that’s the case, that’s fine but if not, I highly suggest you start blogging at least 3 to 5 posts per day minimum.

Those big bloggers will beat you down and no one will hear your voice unless you can keep up with their blogging pace.

Now, if you ignore my advice and you do 1 or 2 posts per day, you will probably be okay too. (It might take you longer to reach the same goals)

24 posts per day is definitely recommended for all you bloggers serious about going “pro”.  If your topic is hard to write so many posts per day, then do focus on “fun” content.  No one likes to read a Master’s Thesis, but everyone likes a joke, humor, or something to take their mind off the long day.

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7 Responses to “Quantity still rules in Blogging World”

  1. Mirjam Says:

    … would have been nice to see why it is that you recommend that much posting.

    I feel 24 posts, or even 3 or 4 a day is way too much, since it definately won´t leave you any time to actually spend time building trafficlinks to all those posts effectively.

    But then again, I guess it is all a matter of preferences and goals->
    If it is only one blog you are building/wanting to become a “Big Name” or a network of blogs, in the latter it just shows to be more profitable to spend way more time building links than a huge amount of content.
    just my 2 cents

  2. Max Lee Says:

    Hi Mirjam,

    Thanks for stoppin’ by.

    Yes, 3 or 4 is even too much. 24 is probably overwhelming. But it’s a scientifically(secret) proven fact that you are guaranteed to get at least 1000 uniques simply having a lot of posts per day. You also have more chance of other bloggers finding your post as you will have 24 times more tags and content.

    Link building is great but at 24 posts per day, you will probably not need to do extra linking.

    The point of 24 posts per day?

    Well, you will get a lot of google search term traffic due to the amount of content you have within couple months. Without quantity of posts, you won’t see a whole lot of that.

    In my experience, you will have to be very lucky and good like John Chow to survive at 2-3 posts per day. Otherwise, you are better off working on more quantity…

    This is of course, if you are serious about making a living on the internet, otherwise you can forget anything I said.

  3. Mirjam Says:

    thanks for the answer … but I´m probably being a dumbass here…. scientifically proven? I would love to see that proof, where can I find that? A 1000 uniques… from searchengines? And another question, how long should one be posting 24 times a day to maintain and grow those 1000 uniques…?

    cheers :)

  4. Max Lee Says:

    Well… it’s a well kept secret among the high profile bloggers. I’ve actually tried it when I started making new sites such as bedzine.com, keetsa.com, mattresszine.com. We hired 3-5 writers and wrote everyday 24+ posts daily for couple months. We’ve cut down on the number of the posts due to the high cost but we did achieve 1000 uniques within couple months.

    When I started blogging on Zedomax.com, I did 30+ posts per day, although it took time, now it’s getting almost 7000 uniques per day…

    I am doing an experiment with this blog too. Right now it’s getting almost 50-100 uniques per day with 1 post per month. I am gonna ramp it up to about 10-24 posts per day and see what happens in 3 months or so. So you will be able to see if this experiment works or fails. :)

  5. Mirjam Says:

    cool, thanks for answering!

    Did you notice a drop in uniques though when you stopped posting at that huge amount of posts a day?

    Plus, in retrospect, do you feel it was worth spending that amount of money on, hiring writers to do the posting?

    Sorry if I seem too nozy, just really curious :)

  6. Max Lee Says:

    Hi Mirjam,

    Well, I didn’t notice the uniques dropping once you stop because the traffic built is from google search terms on your previous posts.

    That’s the beauty of blogs, once you build it to 5000 uniques let’s say, you can probably stop posting for a month and still maintain the traffic.

    You can hire bloggers by outsourcing it to countries like India, UK, etc…etc… Go to Problogger.net and Darren has a good blog job post, probably the best one in the world actually.

  7. How to increase web traffic from zero to 200 visitors per day in a week! — The Zedomax Network - Profiling Web 2.0 Companies at the Speed of Technology and Tools for Bloggers. Says:

    [...] prove that quantity rules in the blogging world, I averaged about 5-10 blog posts per day on this site, Zedomax.net over the last week or [...]

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