Zedomax Network updating…

Hi all,

This week, we will be updating Zedomax Network. There are some degrading sites on our network that will have to be removed and we’ve got about 50 more blogs to add so hold on while we update one by one.

What is Zedomax Network?

It’s a network made up of quality blogs and websites. Basically we are going to gather up about 200 to 300 “quality” blogs and do some “group” advertising for everyone in the network.

Plus, everyone will benefit from network traffic, SEO, and most importantly, network negotiations with advertisers and publishers.

How does it work?

First, you will need a quality blog (no porn, spam, splogs please). For details, shoot an e-mail to zedomax [at] gmail.com.

On the side note, you can check our our first video interview of CX Media over at Zedomax.com.

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