The New Alexa Rankings – Did you tank or shoot up?

The New Alexa Rankings

Hey folks, if you don’t know what Alexa is, it’s a statistics web-app that “estimates” web traffic to a website.

As of today, Amazon, the company behind the, has announced they are implementing “The New Alexa Rankings”.

For the most part, most of blogs in our network has increased in rank. For some, the stats have “tanked” to the bottom.

Although I am sure Alexa still needs some more beta testing and work to do, it seems like it is very unstable at this point.

We will need some more time for the dust to settle sorta similar to Entrecard’s new credit system.

Alexa will never be as accurate as “real” stats but at the same time, I believe they should provide the most accurate statistics as possible.

Let’s see what happens over the next couple days.

If your Alexa ranking has “shot up” or “tanked”, please feel free to leave a comment with you website and your inputs on the new system.

Check out the new features this new ranking system will bring:

In recent months we’ve heard from our Alexa users that understanding Internet usage beyond Alexa Toolbar users was increasingly of interest. Ask and you shall receive!

We listened to your suggestions, and we believe that our new rankings system is much closer to what you asked for. We now aggregate data from multiple sources to give you a better indication of website popularity among the entire population of Internet users.

You gave us many other suggestions as well, and we are working hard to implement them. We won’t tell any secrets just yet, but you can expect to see new features rolled out over the coming weeks and months.

Below are a few common questions we anticipate from the Alexa community, along with our answers.

My site’s ranking has changed. Was it wrong before?

Your ranking wasn’t wrong before, but it was different. Alexa toolbar users’ interests and surfing habits could differ from those of the general population in a number of ways, and we described some of those possible differences on our website. While the vast majority of sites’ rankings were unaffected by such differences, we’ve worked hard on our new ranking system to adjust for situations in which they could matter.

The new rankings should better reflect the interests and surfing habits of the broader population of Web users.

Why are the long range graphs gone? I can only get 9 months of historical data.

We are recalculating historic traffic data and will continue to add it over the coming weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience, but should have several years of data back on line shortly.

Will you change the rankings again?

We are constantly working to ensure that we provide the most useful data that we can. We will continue to fine tune our algorithms but don’t foresee any additional big changes. If you think something is amiss please let us know.

I liked the old rankings better. Are they still available somewhere?

We liked the old rankings as well. However, we developed the new system in response to the huge number of requests we got from users like you, and now that it’s done we like it even better. We hope you will too.

We think that having more than one ranking system at a time would be confusing, so we have removed the old rankings.

Do you want to know what I think about this?

Definitely. We’ve been collecting suggestions and ideas for months now, and would love to hear more. If you have thoughts on what we’ve done so far, or ideas on what we should do next, please share them with us.

via the Alexa Blog

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18 Responses to “The New Alexa Rankings – Did you tank or shoot up?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Mine went up — where I was at 104K now I’m at 222K so not a huge amount, but I can’t say I’m thrilled about it. I worked darn hard to get it down to 104 and now I feel like I’ve got to cover some of that same ground again.


  2. -Paul Says:

    Reading the changes made over at Alexa I think all the blogs that stick to one subject will take a hit. Go check out the rankings for JohnChow…. also all the blogs that rely on one source of traffic, eg EC, will probably be slapped for what amounts to gaming your rank… guess it’s back to “Content is King” rather than trying to buy hits.

  3. Max Lee Says:

    Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for stoppin’ by.

    Hmmm… yes maybe this is the “secret” behind EC’s ability to help bloggers jump up in Alexa stats. Do you think this will make you use Entrecard more or less? Will it matter to you that Alexa is tanking all Entrecarders?

  4. Mike Cruz Says:

    I was surprised to pull up my site and see that I got quite a boost from the new ranking algorithm from Alexa. I was approx. ranked at 138,700 and was moved up to about 115, 600. But what does it really all mean? I thought that I had read somewhere that the accuracy of the ranking isn’t really dependable unless the ranking is less than 100k. In terms of blog monetization, I have always wondered if there is a magic number that translates into a potentially profitable blog, i.e., if you are ranked 50K or lower, does that indicate that your blog is ready to look for sponsors or income other than ppc?

  5. Max Lee Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Yes, that might be right but from what I’ve heard from John Chow himself, his blog is getting 5,000 to 6,000 uniques per day, the new Alexa stats actually show that correctly.

    Perhaps, a lot of stats have been bloated yet there are some sites that have tanked for no reason.

    Regardless, maybe it’s all better for us bloggers to focus on content than trying to get our stats up.

  6. Max Lee Says:

    Hi Mike, thanks for sharing your experience.

    Well, Alexa stats are really only “estimates” based on numerous different sources of information that the Alexa company gathers from all over the internet including their Toolbar.

    Alexa is somewhat accurate if you are talking versus let’s say

    For really accurate measures of traffic, Alexa has always proven to screw up but sometimes they do show very accurate results.

    What we are debating here is if the new Alexa ranking system works better and is it more dependable?

    As far as blog monetization, I’d say anything near John Chow’s site could be pretty good. His ranking shows up around 17K with the new ranking system.

    Although traffic is important, as you can see my last post after talking to John, the number of RSS subscribers might prove to make you more money in the long run.

    Think of 1 RSS subscriber as 5 visitors. (or something like that since most visitors to blog are so called ‘bouncers’ anyways but high percentage of RSS subscribers are always readin’ just like a magazine)

  7. kent Says:

    My ranking improved by 10%, although I checked out some of the 30 most popular that I profiled a week or so ago and most of them worsened, which makes no sense. In response to one of the above comments, I don’t think it will hurt Entrecard per se, but it probably won’t put a lot of smiles on the faces of Entrecarders who were accustomed to a better Alexa ranking.

  8. Max Lee Says:

    1 thing for sure, some of my blog stats don’t match Alexa at all which means Alexa still has some work to do over the next few days.

    For example, traffic for has been steady for last whole month yet Alexa shows it tanked a little in the last couple days….

    Anyways, i can’t wait until the dust settles, as with EC’s new system too.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by Kent! :)


  9. Ty Hurd Says:

    Since the rankings above (below) 100k were supposed to be fairly accurate I’m wondering why mine went from just over 50k for my weekly avg to over 266K for the week. Ouch! I get about 30-40% of my traffic from ec, and can’t imagine my ranking dropping so dramatically if Alexa discounts that ec traffic… Hopefully things will adjust sooner than later.

    I posted a poll about the new change on my blog if anyone wants to participate:

  10. Max Lee Says:

    Yeah, somethin’ is really hurtin’ the Entrecarders right now. Good poll, i am voting…now… :)

  11. AbdulBasit Makrani Says:

    I woke up today morning and normally checked Alexa traffic ranking which I usually checks every morning and was shocked to see that from 49k it’s now changed to 26k!

    I am very happy with the recent change in their algorithm :)

  12. Deimos Tel`Arin Says:

    Am not impressed by the update. -_-

    Ranking went from 37k-ish to 166k-ish.

    Not cool. -_-

  13. Max Lee Says:

    Lol… good for you. It seems like some people have shot up and some people have tanked, the whole point of this discussion.

    Thanks again for sharing! AbdulBasit!

  14. Max Lee Says:

    Yeah… -_- I feel you. Maybe all blogger can “revolt” on the new ranking system and maybe Alexa will bring the old rankings back.

  15. AbdulBasit Makrani Says:

    You are welcome Max Lee :)
    Yeah, it’s true that for some the ranking goes too high and for some it went down.
    There were many sites which previously ranked in 3k and now are in 15k so that definitely hurt them in some manner.

  16. Max Lee Says:

    Yeah i think the new ranking system is definitely not working right now as it doesn’t match my stats at all. I think it might have been “rigged by” large companies who are trying to make their stats look good.

    I can’t prove it per say but I don’t see how the new system has improved on the old one, especially if they resetted all the previous stats, Alexa is losing credibility, very fast, especially from the international crowd.

    But I guess time will tell if the system start working again, then I might start relying on it more.

  17. alexa toolbar & widgets ranking Says:

    I heared the announcement that alexa has changed its ranking algorithm. I am little happy with this change because my website got little improvment. see new alexa ranking for Fortune Park Hotels Ltd.

  18. Max Lee Says:

    Good for you bud! :)

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