HOWTO get a higher PageRank in the long run!

A lot of SEO companies, especially those that have been around for while, will sell you SEO services with promise to get you on the first page of Google.

What those SEO companies really do is buy links for you and re-sell them to you at higher price.  Now, if those are lifetime links, it might be okay but if they are not, you are screwed.

Although I am not a total expert as I am not a solely SEO guy, I can tell you from my experiences blogging that PageRank is something you can’t buy.

Of course, you can go out there and buy some text links from such companies as TLA or other text link brokers, but this is like putting cocaine in your body.


Think of it this way. Everytime you snort those drugs, it will get you high for a short period of time, as soon as you your high is gone, you are worse off than you were before.

SEO is the same thing. Google doesn’t rank you because you have so many links coming in, their algorithm constantly changes to give users “the best content” when a user types in some keywords. You can buy links but how long is that going to last? Even if you did have millions of dollars, you are basically throwing all of that into the toilet the minute you start hyping up your blog or website with “text link” steroids.

So how do you go about it?

Here’s some guidelines that can help you get higher PageRank and also get #1 on Google for your target keywords:

1.Don’t buy text-links. Network with bloggers in the same topic as yours and “trade” blogrolls.

That’s right. Blogrolls are probably the most often overlooked free links you can get. Blogrolls are great because you are usually dealing with your blogger friends, who are trying to achieve the same goals as you are. And, they won’t spam their own site for those reasons.

Every time you communicate with another blogger, whether that IM, Entrecard, or whatever, see if you can get him to trade blogrolls with you.

This is probably the most important step for you to take right now, especially if your blog is brand new and your PageRank is zero.

Even if you trade blogrolls with PR0 blogs, you might find yourself lucky one day if your blogger friend gets PR6.

Everytime you write a post on your blog, you send out “pings” to Technorati and other blog ping services. (These are great for backlinks by the way.)

Now, if you had blogrolls made of 30 “blogroll trades”, everytime your blogger friend writes a post, you get “pinged”! (That’s 30 backlinks if every one of your blogger friends posted 1 article per day.)

2. Content is King. Write great articles that will interest people to read your blog or website.

From what I’ve seen, no matter how poor your PR is, if your content is good, people will read and your PageRank will go up. (because people will link to you)

Another thing, great articles are good but you need to post daily to get more PageRank.

Quality is probably more important than quantity if you want more readers.

Quantity, on the other hand, can get you more traffic faster.

Quality is great but if you only post 1 article per day, each with 10 tags, that’s the density of your keywords and tags read by Google and other search engines.

But let’s say you write 10 articles per day, each again with 10 tags. That’s about 10 times more tags. Tags are probably more important than anything else these days.

I find that Google indexes your content and later discards most of it when your post gets older and older but Google keeps the tags.

Anyways, the most important part is that you write great content, and the more posts, the merrier.

If you have a long article, try to break them down into 2-3 posts. That way, you will get more traffic in the long run AND your article is still quality first.

3. Link a lot to active bloggers who respond back to you

That right, you want to link to active bloggers who are likely link back to you.

For example, you find a blog post that you find interesting on the web, you link to it and write a blog post.

The blog you linked to blogs back in return.

Pretty simple but if you do this more and more daily, you will get lots of more links and more blogger friends who will help you in the long run.

Next time, we will go into more depth on how you can get your blog or website to be #1 on Google for your target keyword.

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5 Responses to “HOWTO get a higher PageRank in the long run!”

  1. Ian Says:

    Good pointers! The important things I think are quality content and actively engaging with other bloggers. Buying text links is like paying for sex …. smacks of desperation!

  2. Max Lee Says:

    Agree, buying text links is for “link-whores”. But I think selling them is okay, that’d be “link-pimps”. :)

  3. StanHayes Says:

    Great post. I’ve been trying to figure out this PR thign for, like, ever. It’s a mystery. But if you have PR, link to me, thanks!

  4. Max Lee Says:

    hey thanks for stoppin by Stan! :)

  5. Steve W Says:

    Thanks for some pointers. It is hard enough to write articles for quality content. Unless you hire a freelancer to write for you.

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