Zedomax Network breaks through1 Million Hits a Month!

1 Million Hits a Month

Hi everyone. We’d like to announce the fact that Zedomax Network has just broke through 1 million hits per month!

Compared to couple months ago when we were getting about 450K hits, we are now officially part of the Million Hits Network!

Number of unique visitors has also jumped to a whopping 445K visitors, up from 250K visitors in November.

Wow, things are looking up and most of this success has spawned due to the fact that all of blogs have great content and does not rely on any one social network to boost traffic.

With the recent addition of our latest Wiki project, SiteHoppin, we are able to bring more visitors to our sites and also bring up the overall stats.

We will be working hard around the clock to keep bringing you great content on the Zedomax Network.

Thanks to everyone especially our core bloggers Missy, Colbert, Brian, David, Lilian, and Tanya.

Without our core bloggers, this would never happen. We’d like to thank also our readers for getting us to this point.

Although we are really not making any money at this point, we will be bringing you more great content and new Web 2.5 websites like SiteHoppin and more…

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9 Responses to “Zedomax Network breaks through1 Million Hits a Month!”

  1. Missy Says:

    Holy smokes, that is sweet, Max. I’m glad i’m part of a big time online conglomerate.

    My blog stats are through the roof as well, more and more visitors are coming. Sweetness all around.


  2. Brian Says:

    Whoa! Congratulations Max! Hope you can teach me some of your secrets lol.

    Looking forward to seeing you up there all the more!

  3. Lilian Says:

    Congratulations, Max!

  4. Jay Says:

    DAMN! Those are some great stats! I guess you’re rolling in the dough now, huh?

    But congratz!


  5. EzRich Says:

    Congrats ! Job well done

  6. Max Lee Says:

    hey thanks ya all for the positive comments! :)

  7. Daily Tech Impressions Says:

    Good thing I have fingers, when im drunk I cant count to good with that spam protection thingy…lol, anyways, right on with the million hit a month club, your on a fast pace! lets keep it rollin!

  8. BillyWarhol Says:

    Congrats Max!

    Very Impressive Achievement!!

    I was just reading about U on Bloggin’ Ads*

    Yer Sitehoppin’ Cracks me up*


    Rock On!!

  9. peterahon Says:

    so you sitehoppin was your project – that was cool, got to know cool websites because of entrecard and non-entrecard sites as well…


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