The SiteHoppin Effect!

Wow, it’s been a fun ride with our new site, Although we haven’t really made that much money off traffic, the good news is that we’ve “doubled” our network traffic as whole in just 2 weeks since SiteHoppin’s public beta launch!

The SiteHoppin Effect!

It’s great that our traffic is going up, but how can this help you? Go submit your blog posts at SiteHoppin‘. (The more you bookmark, the more it will get distributed to the SiteHoppers)

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5 Responses to “The SiteHoppin Effect!”

  1. Daily Tech Impressions Says:

    So thats how it works! im always to drunk to realize it!

  2. BillyWarhol Says:

    Lemme Buy U a Drink!!

    Funniest Blog ever + the Video of U Hangin’ a Poop whilst Plopping EntreCards with yer iPhone was friggin’ Hilarious!!


    Rock On!!

  3. Ian Says:

    I’ve been using SiteHoppin’ to browse through a stack of new blogs I haven’t seen before. It comes in handy for Entrecard dropping.

  4. Max Lee Says:

    Hey thanks guys,
    sorry i don’t update this blog as much,
    will do as soon as I get more drunk! :)

  5. Webmaster Forums Says:

    I have submitted my site. Let’s see what happens:)

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