Misc rambling on Zedomax Network!

Well, here’s year 2008 and Zedomax Network is going strong with over 450K views per month!

If you have been wondering why we have been quiet, it’s because we are short-handed with developers due to profit losses this year.

Basically, we have one developer this year and everything else is being outsourced. (Well, when we have money that is…)

On the bright side, we are developing a new Web 2.5 social bookmarking/networking site called SiteHoppin.com.

It’s still only about 50% complete but the site is open to public for beta testing.

Basically, you get free traffic to your websites. All you have to do it submit your URLs.

On top of it, we will have a new feature called, “Tag Browsing”, that allows you to “hop” your favorite sites at a click of your mouse button.

It’s similar to StumbleUpon.com and Del.icio.us but very different in that you can “tag browse” sites.

Check it out if you want to see our site being revamped live.

On another great note for year 2008 and 4am in the morning, we got a new knol project called http://knolproject.net. Right now, we don’t have anything on there but we are planning to “open-source” the paid wiki concept to let everyone get in the new “paid wiki” wave. Basically, we will teach you how to make a wiki site like the One Buck Wiki or the new Google Knol Project. We are currently accepting any freelance developers to contribute and share ideas for the site so if you are interested in community development, shoot us an email at zedomax [at] gmail.com and you will be included in our exclusive list of developers for the new open source project.

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  1. Our new site SiteHoppin' and KnolProject.Net | zedomax.com - a blog about DIYs, hacks(wii hacks, iphone hacks), and satiric opinions on gadgets and technology today. Says:

    [...] You can check our .Net post for more details. [...]

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