Zedomax Network Special Post – HOWTO Increase your PageRank and get more Traffic!

In this special post, we will tell you how you can increase your PageRank!

NOTE: Although we admit that there are many “standardized” methods, this method was learned through experience and actual trial-and-error by SEO experts at Zedomax Network.

So here’s your TOP5 List of Things to do and watch for when trying to increase your PageRank:

1. Link to high PR blogs and sites. (In other words, linking massively to websites with high PageRanks is a very good thing) Install the Google Toobar if you don’t know what PageRank is. (It’s that little bar that says PageRank.)

2. BE VERY AWARE OF incoming comments, pings, and trackbacks from other blogs and social networking sites.

In other words, you have to only let “real” blogs and “real” websites link to you. If you have any doubt the sites is a splog (spam blog), or a scraper site, you will want to not let that person, blog, or website leave any trace behind.

3. Google Algorithm is simple. The more links you have coming in, the better. The more links you have going out to high PRs, the better.

This is slightly different from the conventional, “the number of links coming in divided by the number of links going out.” Google somehow ranks you higher if you link to high PR sites and this is what “we” learned through time and trial/error.

Even splogs can help your PageRank as long as you are not linking back to them.

4. Write posts on recent “big” event that’s considered brand new. Doing this automatically gets you some traffic since it’s something new.

For example, if iPod just came out and you were the very first blogger who wrote about it, I bet you are still pulling in traffic from Google. This type of “iPod” keyword can easily boost your PageRank and get lots of traffic.

5. Use the above advices today and take action!

How do you know if it’s working? Well, using all the possible measurement systems today, you’d probably still wouldn’t be able to compute it. But, you will start to notice that you start getting more search terms from Google daily. (Yes, that means your PageRank IS going up.)

Higher PageRank = More Traffic

It’s that simple although there are exceptions with some high PR sites that don’t get as much traffic as others. But we theorize that PageRank is directly correlated with Traffic.

Right now, there’s the new project by Google, Knol Project. We will actually doing this on our older brother site, Zedomax.com. We are trying to see if we can show up #1 on Google for “Knol Project” since it’s so new.

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4 Responses to “Zedomax Network Special Post – HOWTO Increase your PageRank and get more Traffic!”

  1. EzRich Says:

    You are saying that linking to higher PR is healthy.

    And when linking to higher PR sites, do you use a “nofollow” tag or dofollow ?



  2. Max Lee Says:

    Hi EZRich,

    I use “follow” on all my links.

    If you think having “nofollow” on “every” link is good, that might be true.

    But think about it this way.

    I did an experiment where I made a social networking site with no “outside” links.

    Basically, “nofollow” on anything that goes out.

    Although that site picked up PR3 right away, the number of google search terms and traffic was way lower in comparison to a similar social networking site that had “follow” links.

    So, if you have nofollow link on ALL your outgoing links, Google will think you have no outgoing links and also think that your site is worthless because all you do is talk about yourself.

    I think the best way to attack PR is actually not try to reverse-engineer Google’s algorithm but write interesting content that many people will link to you.

    That is how I usually do it, I don’t know if that works but you are not simply trying to “game” Google.

    Google’s algorithm is always changing so the results only find the newest interesting content.

    As long as you have newest interesting content, your PR might be low, but you will get a lot of traffic from Google.

    PR really means nothing anymore. Google traffic is what matters the most. For example, Zedomax.com is PR4 yet gets about 4,000 visitors from Google everyday.

    You look at some other PR6, PR5, and PR4 sites and their traffic rank is like zero.

    PR only means something if you have some traffic to work with. With no traffic, “nofollow” and “follow” are pretty much worthless except it may help you game Google to get a slightly higher PR than you should.

  3. Nugroho Adi Pratama Says:

    hi, i use follow on all my links; since i think it would be more fair for my sites visitor

  4. MyCommunity Says:

    I have found this post while searching Google and I am glad I found it. I have submitted my site directory,article,blog. But i not getting any PR so please let me know what should i do?

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