Zedomax Network Traffic Update for last 30 days

Zedomax Network Traffic Update for last 30 days

Wow, it looks like our network of blogs, social networks, and paid wiki sites are growing steadily. Recent uprise looks very good with 250K unique visitors and over 429K views for the last 30 days. Take advantage of our advertising before we start growing exponentially.

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  1. Zedomax Network breaks through1 Million Hits a Month! — The Zedomax Network - The Niche Online Media Company Says:

    [...] to couple months ago when we were getting about 450K hits, we are now officially part of the Million Hits [...]

  2. Zedomax Network Stats Update! — The Zedomax Blog Network - Profiling Web 2.0 Companies at the Speed of Technology and Tools for Bloggers. Says:

    [...] really mind-bogging when I first started, I didn’t envision this.  Of course, we did see the same thing last time I did a stats [...]

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