October Zedomax Traffic Update!

Zedomax Traffic Update!

Here’s a quick update on Zedomax Network traffic. We were averaging about 6500 unique visitors last month but now we are averaging over 8,000!

That’s almost 25% growth over the last month. If we keep at this rate, we should easily eclipse 10K visitors by next month. We urge you to invest in our new company by buying our SEO packages. You will be guaranteed to grow with us.

Thanks for all the blog writers and blog readers for supporting us every step of the way. Although we are not getting huge amount of traffic, we expect steady growth.

P.S. We are running out of the first 1000 pages on the OneBuckWiki and we will be submitting some Press Releases for the FiveDollarWiki soon so get your pages before the prices go up!

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