Webmaster’s Tool – Making The Grade

Here’s an interesting site you can check out your “web” grade:

Webmaster’s Tool - Making The Grade

It seems like our Zedomax.com blog’s readability level is 1st Grade! Well, I am not exactly sure HOW they calculated that but it’s a good thing that our site is very easily readable…

It basically gives you a grade for your website’s search engine optimization. It runs a bunch of algorithms that I can’t even begin to explain and it also checks on your rankings and stats with Alexa, Technorati and the Google and Yahoo search engines. I was very surprised to find that my site ranked a 91 out of a possible 100 points. It also means that of all the websites submitted I am ranked better than 91% of them based on marketing effectiveness. How I achieved that I have no idea. Last time I was in school 91% qualified as an “A”. I consider this is a personal blog and I never set out to make any money, maybe I should change that perspective

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