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Well, I’ve honestly ran out of ideas for writing posts on this new site. We really need to make some money making scheme such as advertising with all the traffic we get but maybe we don’t get enough traffic yET.

Anyways, here’s some cool informational posts on Niche Marketing with Blogs and WordPress: (Yes, WordPress rules!)

OptiNiche – A blog that will help you build a niche blog site using WordPress

NicheBlogsNetwork – A Niche Blog Network that seems to be hibernating right now.

Howto build a niche blog in 27 minutes – kinda cool article on building it in 27 minutes! (although I could probably beat it within 10 minutes)

How to choose the right niche – Yes, THAT is the big question. What niche is not existent right now? Kinda like Blue Ocean Strategy(Yes, this IS a good book by Mr. Chan).

An Intro to Niche Blogging – This might be helpful

Profit Pulling Niche Blogs with WordPress – I so hate E-Zine Articles but this one’s related so…

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  1. Says:

    Niche Marketing — The Zedomax Network – The Niche Online Media Company…

    Here’s some hints for niche blog marketing….

  2. R.M.Eckert Says:

    Excellent information that you posted.Thanks for the ideas and tips.

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