Great way to bring in Traffic through Stumbleupon

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Somehow, after I have been using Stumbleupon for almost a year, I’ve found that Stumbleupon brings traffic to any site you stumble. (of course, given that you stumble a lot of sites…) We will be testing Stumbleupon as our basis for bringing in traffic to the Zedomax Network over the next couple weeks. Although Digg is also a very good source, they seems to have some type of stereotype of what types of topics they want to show up on the front page. It always seems like the same boring sites that show up on Digg while Stumbleupon has much more diverse crowd.

What’s Stumbleupon? It’s a way of browsing random websites based on your favorite topics with a web-browser plug-in. Although they really need to make the Stumble button faster for those of us “super-fast” stumblers… Well… you can check out my stupid bizarre stumbles on my Stumbleupon account here.

The main thing is that I like their logo, it looks kinda cool~ Sorta like our Dabomb.TV logo….

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7 Responses to “Great way to bring in Traffic through Stumbleupon”

  1. Missy Says:

    It is nearly impossible to get a post on the FP of Digg, i would prefer to hire like a (pro digg writer) or something to do that. It can be done, i just haven’t quite mastered that, yet. They say (list type posts) do well on Digg, also controversial stuff does well.

    SU is the preferred choice for many folks, especially those with big friend networks, i have close to 70 friends now, and growing. Everytime someone stumbles my groovy veg blog, i get good hits from SU. They say it is a fickle audience, but still a good chance to gain some subs and possible sales.

    I’m in the process of learning how to use my friend network for stumbles. I’ll let you know how it goes, dude.


  2. Missy Says:

    Also i think we should form a stumble group among the keetsa bloggers and your other bloggers. And maybe do like a weekly thing. Thoughts?

  3. Max Lee Says:

    Hmm… that sounds good.

    How about Groovy Network and Zedomax Network join together? hehe… we’d get a lot more traffic pointing links at each other… :)

  4. Missy Says:

    That sounds great, i have added 4 blogs so far to the sidebar complete with feeds and i make note of the networks coming together, in a text box right above the blog feeds. You can see it on the blog now. (right bottom sidebar) Will add a few more blogs. It looks real good. It will kick butt once the Google PR updates, my (Groovy Veg) is predicted at PR5. Sweeet!

  5. Max Lee Says:

    Oh yeah, your PR should keep rising as your feeds go on all the sites. :)

    Google experiment : what if we traded rss feeds instead of just google blogrolls?

  6. Missy Says:

    I thought that is what we were doing. hehe. I’m not adding the blogs to a blogroll, im adding the feeds to my blog. It is kind of like adding to the footer, but instead i’m adding them via sidebar, am i doing it wrong? Let me know.

  7. Max Lee Says:

    oh no, you are doing it right. That IS what we are doing.

    My experiment with the Sleepzine, Bedzine, and all the other sites turned out that it DOES help raise your PR very quickly… One day, all the sites with 0 PR has PR4…

    It seems like Keetsa is not because it didn’t have any rss feeds at the bottom….

    well anyways, i am adding Colbert’s blogs too so…we should easily build up a big blog network…

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