Check out Web2.0 Logos

Wow, here’s a site that has so many Web2.0 logos. Although we didnt’ really make our logo Web2.0ish but it’s really a big pyramid scheme….

Well…I think Google is a big pyramid scheme anyways. (Although they won’t admit it but it really is a legal pyramid scheme…)

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2 Responses to “Check out Web2.0 Logos”

  1. Missy Says:

    Those are some rockin sites for sure. I really like Pandora, the online music DJ. I’m surprised Google doesn’t own all those sites, yet. What a massive monster they are.

  2. CleverSage Says:

    Yahoo has really done some neat things with all of their different channels and different logos. Neat to see many of the major players adopting these types of logos.

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